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Mountain Biking Mountain Biking
Duration: 3 days
Island Peak Climbing. Island Peak Climbing.
Duration: 20 days
Mountain Flight Mountain Flight
Duration: 1 days
Ghorepani poon hill trek. Ghorepani poon hill trek.
Duration: 5 days
Everest High pass Trekking Everest High pass Trekking
Duration: 20 days


10 August - 2014
Ian Smart
clientThe experience of a lifetime withy Magic Himalaya treks and expeditions, thanks to our guide Shanta Baniya His wonderful pleasant manner and thorough planning of every detail was the making of the trek . From the moment we exited the airport Shanta was there to support us, discounted shopping in Kathmandu and using his excellent English and quiet leadership insured we had all the correct ... Read More

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Crowned by the majestic snowy mountains to the north & bordered by deep jungles to the south, Nepal rises from 100 feet above sea level to 29,028' on Mount Everest in less than 100 miles. It has the greatest concentration of mountains in the world. And within its boundary lie a diverse mix of race, creed and culture – people friendly, attractive & hard working. It is a magical land where deities mingle and vie with mortals in jubilant festivals celebrating life’s unending mysteries.
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Tibet, the roof of the world had remained a forbidden land for the outsiders for most part of the last century. Lying across the Himalayan range, Tibet was traditionally headed by the spiritual rulers
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Tucked away in the Himalayas Bhutan remains a country which evokes a sense of intense mystery. With the coming of the first surfaced road in the 1960s, Bhutan opened its doors to a handful of tourists in 1974,
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