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Mountain Biking Mountain Biking
Duration: 3 days
Island Peak Climbing. Island Peak Climbing.
Duration: 20 days
Mountain Flight Mountain Flight
Duration: 1 days
Ghorepani poon hill trek. Ghorepani poon hill trek.
Duration: 5 days
Everest High pass Trekking Everest High pass Trekking
Duration: 20 days


10 August - 2014
Ian Smart
clientThe experience of a lifetime withy Magic Himalaya treks and expeditions, thanks to our guide Shanta Baniya His wonderful pleasant manner and thorough planning of every detail was the making of the trek . From the moment we exited the airport Shanta was there to support us, discounted shopping in Kathmandu and using his excellent English and quiet leadership insured we had all the correct ... Read More

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Tucked away in the Himalayas Bhutan remains a country which evokes a sense of intense mystery. With the coming of the first surfaced road in the 1960s, Bhutan opened its doors to a handful of tourists in 1974, mostly at the invitation of the government. The Royal Bhutan Government has succeeded in maintaining Bhutan's cultural and spiritual heritage by strictly limiting the number of tourists that visit the Kingdom to a maximum of 5000 a year.

Bhutanese people have largely lived a life of isolation away from the rest of the world where western values have little or no impact here. The country has a wealth of culture and extreme charm, people are intensely religious which is very much in evidence throughout the Kingdom. In urban centers the spinning of prayer wheels the murmur of mantras and the glow of butter lamps are still important features of daily life.

Monasteries temples and religious monuments are dotted across the landscape where the importance of Buddhism can be seen in abundance, red robed monks, young and old, are everywhere mingling freely in towns and village markets.

Bhutan boasts a richness of Bio Diversity with almost three quarters of its land area covered by forest, it has been declared amongst the ten most prominent areas in the world for environmental protection . Its rich Himalayan flora and fauna, stunning snow capped peaks, lush valleys and rural landscapes never fail to impress. Bhutan is exclusive, expensive but very evocative. Its mystery never fails to attract those who have the means and the will to travel the journey back in time.

All tours to Bhutan must be arranged through a Bhutanese travel agency of which there are over one hundred.The agency we use is long established and one of only a handful with a representative in Kathmandu. We have in the past tailored several tours to suit specific interests...through regular contact with our agent here we are able to be flexible and accommodating to most wishes.
Activities of Bhutan

Trekking in Nepal

Although Bhutan started to open its territory to visitors more than 30 years ago, the not only the rural & far-flung villages, even the trekking routes remain relatively untouched by trekkers in comparison to Nepal’s busy trekking trails. In fact, despite Bhutan’s high economic growth rate in the regions, the Himalayan country still looks similar to what Nepal used to look like in the 1960s. All tours & treks in Bhutan can only be organized through the registered travel agency. The treks are categorized into three grades: easy, medium, & hard. However, even for the trek categorized as easy, the terrain demands a sound physical fitness
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Sight Seeing Tour

These tours provide a wonderful opportunity for those interested in focusing on the cultures and lifestyles of the Bhutanese people. The itineraries have been designed with the above in mind and offer an insight and understanding at a leisurly pace into what are extremely fascinating and unique areas of the World.For your convenience, these tours (fly in) can be commenced from Kathmandu, Bangkok, Delhi, Kolkatta, Dhaka or from Rangoon where Druk Air (The Royal Bhutan Airline) operates its flights. But, the majority of our tours commence from Kathmandu. The flight ticket can be issued in Kathmandu and send it to your home in advance, if you want.
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