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Mountain Biking Mountain Biking
Duration: 3 days
Island Peak Climbing. Island Peak Climbing.
Duration: 20 days
Mountain Flight Mountain Flight
Duration: 1 days
Ghorepani poon hill trek. Ghorepani poon hill trek.
Duration: 5 days
Everest High pass Trekking Everest High pass Trekking
Duration: 20 days


10 August - 2014
Ian Smart
clientThe experience of a lifetime withy Magic Himalaya treks and expeditions, thanks to our guide Shanta Baniya His wonderful pleasant manner and thorough planning of every detail was the making of the trek . From the moment we exited the airport Shanta was there to support us, discounted shopping in Kathmandu and using his excellent English and quiet leadership insured we had all the correct ... Read More

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Tibet, the roof of the world had remained a forbidden land for the outsiders for most part of the last century. Lying across the Himalayan range, Tibet was traditionally headed by the spiritual rulers known as the Dalai Lamas until 1965, when the country was annexed as the autonomous region of China.

Tibet, the mystic Shangrila, the forbidden kingdom on the roof of the world has captured man’s imagination for centuries. Great explorers & adventurers of the century have ventured into this holy land rendered inaccessible by the hostile natural conditions & bandits that waylaid them on their journeys through the Himalayas. Despite untold ravages which occurred during the "Cultural Revolution". Tibet’s past grandeur, majesty, magic & mystery still remains undiminished. One can still see today nomads herding their yaks, pilgrims worshipping at sacred shrines & the expansive, striking & enduring Himalayan topography. Tibet is truly an adventurers paradise.

Important Information
Confirmed reservation should reach us 2 weeks prior to tour departure date along with $100 non-refundable deposit per person.
Himal Reisen will process visas for you. We require following details while making your booking:
a) Name in full b) Sex c) Date of birth d) Profession e) Nationality and f) Passport Number and completed Reservation Form. Cost of visa fee varies for different nationalities. A Normal visa fee is processed in 5 full working days. An "urgent" fee of US $ 10 extra is applicable for the visa to be processed in 3 days and US $ 15 additional fee is charged by the China Embassy for the visa to be processed within a day. The Embassy of China is open every Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 10 Am -11 Am for China/Tibet visas.

Activities of Tibet

Sight Seeing Tour

Tibet is a most unusual and beautiful place. The majority of it's land rests above 4000 meters (13,000 feet) and is surrounded by mountain ranges on three sides. The awe-inspiring Himalayas are the highest in the world, as is the never ending Tibetan plateau. It is a place for the rugged adventurer as well as the spiritual wanderer.Tibet is a land held back in time, housing many secrets. Nomads remain much the same as they did one hundred years ago. Roaming the plateau from winter and summer camps the nomads still mainly subsist from their yak herds. Then, there are the monasteries which are striving to find a place in a country that's suddenly facing the 21st century.The Tibetan people and ...
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Trekking Peak Climbing

Trekking in Tibet has its own advantage. Travelers will experience the breath taking grandeur and beauty of nature on the Tibet. The best time for trekking is May to july and September to October. August is the rainy season. Popular trekking places includes kailash, rongbuk in Everest, Namsto lake and samya eastern Tibet, kharta etc. Most of the trekking is conducted in the centre of the country in the vicinity of the major towns and highways. Cities such as lhasa and sightseeing provide bases from which to equip and lunch treks. Eastern and much part of central Tibet are laced with large mountain ranges, towering passes and deep valleys and gorges. Western and northern Tibet is even higher, ...
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